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Community Work

A community development placement gives you the opportunity to make a worthwhile contribution to a local community, at the same time as gaining valuable hands on experience should you wish to pursue this area of study at university.


Students will be based in Buenos Aires and travel to some of the poorer areas of the city to do a variety of volunteer work with a local NGO. The work will vary according to what the NGO is involved in at the time. The work may involve the following:

  • Teaching basic English
  • Assisting with homework assignments
  • Working at a soup-kitchen
  • After-school programs
  • Recreational activities
  • Work at a community centre
  • Volunteer with HIV-affected children

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Working alongside a rural Sabahan community will certainly be a highlight of your Borneo experience. Get stuck into a range of volunteer work projects in this idyllic setting, such as helping develop their agro-tourism projects through planting and harvesting crops. For those looking for an all round Southeast Asian experience, you can choose to add on 1 month in Cambodia at the end of your placement. In Cambodia, you will work as part of a Khmer community, helping to improve the living conditions of the local people.

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In Kenya, the projects are varied to incorporate both community and wildlife based projects. Based in a purpose-built camp, you will assist in a development program which includes construction work on the local school or health centre, teaching, agricultural work, power and water systems, building sports facilities and sponsorship. Walk with the local kids to and from your project each day, and get to know the people you are helping.

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Based on the stunning coastal town of Tanga, you will work on projects to improve the standard of living for this rural community. Tanzania is a fantastic choice for those looking at heading off the beaten track to experience true independent travel. Help weave thatched rooves for newly built homes, harvest seaweed with women in the local community and conduct English lessons for local adults and children.

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There is no greater satisfaction in the world then coming back from a hard days knowing you have down something worthwhile. Going away with Antipodeans was just the break I needed before I started uni. I can’t believe I have helped put a roof over a school that will teach generations, and built a toilet block for a local family!

Emily Hodgetts, Kenya

Met awsone new friends! Had the best time in my life! Thank you so much! You're the best! Best thing i ever did! great experience

My Antips Experience

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