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Want to gain practical work experience to compliment your studies as you volunteer overseas? The Antipodeans Abroad UniBreak Program is a four-week international volunteering placement for tertiary-age students that runs during uni holidays.


Find yourself immersed in vibrant community life and culture as you volunteer overseas and live among local people. You’ll be contributing to a community while gaining hands on experience relating to your field of study or interest area.


You will be challenged and rewarded as you volunteer in resource poor settings where you’ll need to think on your feet and problem solve each day. Through all this, you’ll be making meaningful connections and life-long friendships with locals and other Antipodeans volunteers.


Our volunteering placements are in areas of health care, care and social work, teaching, community development, sports coaching, building and conservation. It’s the perfect way to do something completely different as part of your travels.


UniBreaks depart in January, June and November each year so you can volunteer overseas during holidays without taking time away from study.



Antipodeans Abroad has been working with the same communities across 30 countries for a long time – some for more than 20 years. We have deep relationships with local community members and work in partnership to create international volunteering placements that directly respond to their community’s needs. It means our projects are worthwhile for both the community - and the volunteer.


In each destination, our tight network of Partners help oversee all aspects of the UniBreak program - accommodation and orientation; health and safety; management of the volunteering placement and travel advice. These Partners, together with our Australian team, provide students with support and are on call 24-hours a day for the duration of the placement.


We offer overseas volunteering and paid placements for students in the following areas:



Care & social work
Health care
Sports coaching
Building Community development


Dates & Costs

UniBreaks depart during University holidays in January, June and November. Costs are kept to a minimum for students and cover the majority of aspects of the program including accommodation, meals, transfers, 24 hour back up and training and preparation.


Volunteer placments: 2015 Dates & Prices

Paid placements: 2015 Dates & Prices



Scholarships, Financial Assistance & Course Credit


Travel grants, bursaries and scholarships may be available to assist you in funding your time volunteering overseas. Find out what your university has available to students who plan to volunteer abroad. Typically financial assistance for travel is arranged through the university’s Scholarships or Financial Office.


You may also be eligible to gain credit for your UniBreak placement. Many universities have flexible internship or community service subjects that are credited as part of the course. For example, the University of Adelaide Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has an elective subject available to all students within the faculty. We recommend you contact your faculty to find out what may be available to you. 

Apply now

Gap Year Programs, International Volunteering, Gap year Africa Online application & phone consultation
Please complete the Online Application Form. This is an expression of interest only and does not confirm your place on a UniBreak placement. Upon reciept of your Application, we will give you a call to discuss your placement and answer any questions you have about the UniBreak program.
Volunteer work overseas, Work experience overseas, Teach English overseas Placement offer
Following your phone consultation, we will be in a position to offer you a place on the UniBreak program. An acceptance letter and booking form will be emailed to you.
Teach English overseas, Volunteer teaching, Gap year Africa Booking form
Once you receive your offer of a place on the program, you must complete and return your Booking Form together with your first instalment of AUD$500 via post, fax or email.
Gap year Africa, International Volunteering, Volunteering overseas Welcome to the team!
Your UniBreak placement is now secure and complete. We look forward to working with you to help prepare your experience of a life time!

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Faculty Placements

Antipodeans Abroad offers vocationally based placements that specifically cater to university faculties. It is a specialised program that give faculties the opportunity to tailor a group placement in line with course requirements.


We currently organise placements for 29 Australian university faculties across nursing and midwifery, medicine, allied health, education, business and international development faculties. These include The University of Sydney, University of Queensland, Monash University, Murdoch University and Griffith University.


These placements provide unique international study tours, community development placements, medical electives, professional practice placements and service learning opportunities for university faculties all across Australia. All our placements are well managed, structured and provide a supportive environment for university students.



The Role of Antipodeans Abroad

We look after the planning, execution and administration of the placement, which includes a fully-tailored itinerary, as well as all administration, planning meetings, pre-departure preparation, documentation, and risk assessment. Each faculty group is assigned an Antipodeans manager who will look after all elements of preparation and operation of the placement.


We offer in-depth project research, regular monitoring assistance and support for projects before and after the project period, donations to the projects and contributions toward direct project expenses during the placement and 24-hour back-up and support. Universities gain peace of mind through the provision of our professional management thereby minimising the workload of the university.



Find out more


Faculty Placement sample itineraries
Faculty Placement frequently asked questions


For more information including further sample itineraries and costs for a tailored Faculty Placement program to meet your course requirements, please email or call 1800 502 014.

Met awsone new friends! Had the best time in my life! Thank you so much! You're the best! Best thing i ever did! great experience

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